Ukraine 3/10/14

I think that to help out with the Ukraine situation we should do whatever it takes to prevent a war. because no one in this country wants a war right now because we have been in wars for over the last 10 years. part of me says we should just stay out of it because it would just make everything easier and we have our own things to worry about in this country but at the same time the last time we tried to stay out of it when someone was invading another country Hitler almost took over all of Europe. so for that reason I think we should stay involved but try to prevent war as much as possible. I think its good too that the people are being able to vote on if they want to become part of Russia or stay a part of Ukraine. I think that is a good way to prevent a war or any violence. But I think that if it end up like a north Korea South Korea type of thing that would be bad and we should try to prevent something like that from happening too.


What is drama? 3/10/14

Drama is a genre in literature. the writing is set up in a play formation and is intended to be preformed on the stage. drama is unlike other writing in the fact that you can use lighting and backgrounds and stuff like that to get whatever point across you are trying to make or make things more interesting. It is not only a genre but also a theme or a style of writing. the style involves highly emotional or tragic situations. plays and movies use things like lighting and music to make things more or less dramatic.   

Watchmen 1/23/2014

one conflict in watchmen is between Dr. Manhattan and humanity. throughout the story he does a lot for humans ( mostly the U.S.) such as helping us win the Vietnam war and fighting crime as a masked hero. this is strange because he does so much for humans just because he is asked to but then later in the book basically says that he doesn’t care about humans and leaves earth. At that point in the book you realize that he was doing much more for humanity than you thought. You realize that he is basically the only thing keeping the world from war and total destruction. when Dr. Manhattan refuses to come back to earth I think it shows that he has pretty much lost hope in humanity and could care less to save the world.

Another conflict or theme that is represented in Watchmen is “who watches the watchmen” this is something that is brought up when the police are on strike and the watchmen are taking over till they come back. people begin to not like the idea of the watchmen having so much question and want to know who controls them. this eventually leads to a law being made outlawing masked heroes. I think this is kind of messed up because the watchmen did a lot for this people like fighting in a war for them and yet the second the war is over its almost like these people are ungrateful for what the watchmen have done for them. but at the same time I understand where they are coming from because who gave random masked guys who wont reveal who they are the right to decide who is right and wrong and up hold the law.

A Major conflict in this book and what the book is centered around is the comedians death. I think it is weird how the comedian is such a big part of the watchmen yet when he dies no one really pays to much attention to it except Rorschach. the other heroes such as night owl just say they should let the police handle it. I think this shows how al the other heroes have just excepted the fact that their days are no more except Rorschach. he is the only one that thinks the comedians murder isn’t just a coincidence and that they need to find out who did it and why they did it. this is strange because if it was me I would be like Rorschach and think that some ordinary guy couldn’t just kill the comedian and that it is bigger than that. I’m surprised that the other heroes didn’t feel that way to but it shows how they have kind of become soft and just excepted the fact that they are not superheroes anymore unlike Rorschach.


Ben Gaul is a blogger at liberty voice. he typically blogs about his opinions on many controversial topics such as gun control and global warming. In his post Gun Control for Dummies- and Democrats he states lots of interesting facts ands gives his opinions on why he thinks democrats are for gun control. one reason for he gives is just the fact that they are uneducated about guns. one interesting fact he had was that back in the “wild west” when every one had guns the gun violence per capita was actually much lower than it ever has been in America and has been much higher ever since gun control laws were enacted. I think this is a very interesting fact because this shows that gun control laws really do nothing to prevent gun violence. it also shows that if people are allowed to carry guns on them that doesn’t mean everyone is going to go around shooting each other.  

Gaul, Ben. “Gun Control for Dummies – and Democrats [Watch Video].” Guardian Liberty Voice. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2014.

Adam Winkler is a professor at UCLA School of Law. he is the author of the book Gunfight: The Battle over the Right to Bear Arms in America, and has also written many other article about gun control. in his article, If You Don’t Think Newtown changed Americas Gun debate, Consider These Facts, he talks about the impact that the shooting in Newtown has had in the gun debate.  he brings up the fact that democrats tried to stay away from the gun control debate before thinking that it was unpopular but now after the shooting the democrats are making it a big deal. he also says that there is more money going to campaigns supporting gun control then ever before. I think that it is pathetic that politicians that were pro gun control try to not make it a big topic because they think it is unpopular. but as soon as a shooting happens like Newtown they use it to their advantage. I think that there are too many politicians that go out and do or say things just people it is what they think will get them more votes. 

Winkler, Adam. “The New Republic.” New Republic. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Jan. 2014. 


Jeffrey Goldberg is a writer for The Atlantic. he is a recipient of the National Magazine award for reporting and also wrote the book prisoners: A Story of Friendship and Terror. in the article The Case for More Guns (and More Gun Control)he begins by talking about the columbine and the shooting in the Colorado movie theater and talks about different people stories that were involved in these shootings and what their opinions on gun control are. he also says that it is basically too late for gun control to work because so many people in America already own guns. I agree with the statement that gun control will not work because even if they ban some guns some people may still have those guns from before the law came into effect so it would just be pointless. also there is a black market so criminals will find a way to get these guns off the black market. in the article he also has a quote from someone saying ” if there were no assault weapons available and no this or no that , this guy would fin something right” I agree with this because even if there were no guns people would still find a way to hurt other if they wanted to

Goldberg, Jeffrey. “The Atlantic.” The Atlantic. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Dec. 2013.

Adam Gopnik has been a journalist for the New Yorker since 1986. he has also co-wrote books and wrote many of his own. In his article the simple truth about gun control he talks about how if America would make more gun control laws then there would be less gun related deaths and violence. he also states that eventually we could become a gun free society. it may be true that increased gun control with decrease gun related violence, but by how much? there is and always will be a black market that will allow criminals to get gun to hurt good innocent people. the good guys will not use the black market so the only way they can protect themselves is by being able to legally purchase firearms. Also even if we did find a way to prevent all criminals from attaining guns it would stop anything people would use other weapons to hurt people. this guy was right about how in some places that have gun control laws the gun related violence has gone down but he failed to mention that in a lot of these places violence involving other weapons has increased.

Gopnik, Adam. “The Simple Truth About Gun Control.” The New Yorker. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Dec. 2013.