Matthias Hoene had German parents but was born in Singapore. he went to college and become a filmmaker.  his first short film won a film festival in Tokyo. This article starts out by the author telling you his passion for zombie movies and then ask the simple question what would you do in this situation? he then gives you a list of his top five thing you need to do in a zombie apocalypse. I agree with most of these. he says you need to stock up on weapons which I agree with. I think you need as many as possible. another thing I agree with is his means of shelter. he says every one will be running to the nearest stores but you need to be smarter and find a place that is strong and people wont think of. I agree with this because I believe you should stay away from high populated areas.


Hoene, Matthias. “Matthias Hoene: How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse.” The Huffington Post UK. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Sept. 2013.


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