the article, Zombies: Why are they so popular, was written by The Associated Press. it does not have a specific author. The article talks all bout how and why zombie have become so popular in recent years. It talks about how in recent years movies and show like “the walking dead” and “Dawn of the Dead” along with video games and other media have help increase the popularity of zombies. The article also brings up the point that Sarah Lauro, a English teach at Clemson who has been studying the rise in popularity of Zombies, believes that zombies become popular in our country during times when we as a nation feel “disempowered”  such as the economy doing bad and wars. I agree with the fact that zombies have been getting very popular lately because of media. I think media plays a big role in what become popular and the fact that there have been a lot of video games and movies coming out about zombie them rise in popularity. I do not  Agree with Lauro on the fact that zombies become popular during hard times. I think that has nothing to do with it and media has had more of an impact. 

“Zombies: Why Are They so Popular Right Now?” N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Oct. 2013.


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