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Jeffrey Goldberg is a writer for The Atlantic. he is a recipient of the National Magazine award for reporting and also wrote the book prisoners: A Story of Friendship and Terror. in the article The Case for More Guns (and More Gun Control)he begins by talking about the columbine and the shooting in the Colorado movie theater and talks about different people stories that were involved in these shootings and what their opinions on gun control are. he also says that it is basically too late for gun control to work because so many people in America already own guns. I agree with the statement that gun control will not work because even if they ban some guns some people may still have those guns from before the law came into effect so it would just be pointless. also there is a black market so criminals will find a way to get these guns off the black market. in the article he also has a quote from someone saying ” if there were no assault weapons available and no this or no that , this guy would fin something right” I agree with this because even if there were no guns people would still find a way to hurt other if they wanted to

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Adam Gopnik has been a journalist for the New Yorker since 1986. he has also co-wrote books and wrote many of his own. In his article the simple truth about gun control he talks about how if America would make more gun control laws then there would be less gun related deaths and violence. he also states that eventually we could become a gun free society. it may be true that increased gun control with decrease gun related violence, but by how much? there is and always will be a black market that will allow criminals to get gun to hurt good innocent people. the good guys will not use the black market so the only way they can protect themselves is by being able to legally purchase firearms. Also even if we did find a way to prevent all criminals from attaining guns it would stop anything people would use other weapons to hurt people. this guy was right about how in some places that have gun control laws the gun related violence has gone down but he failed to mention that in a lot of these places violence involving other weapons has increased.

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