Ukraine 3/10/14

I think that to help out with the Ukraine situation we should do whatever it takes to prevent a war. because no one in this country wants a war right now because we have been in wars for over the last 10 years. part of me says we should just stay out of it because it would just make everything easier and we have our own things to worry about in this country but at the same time the last time we tried to stay out of it when someone was invading another country Hitler almost took over all of Europe. so for that reason I think we should stay involved but try to prevent war as much as possible. I think its good too that the people are being able to vote on if they want to become part of Russia or stay a part of Ukraine. I think that is a good way to prevent a war or any violence. But I think that if it end up like a north Korea South Korea type of thing that would be bad and we should try to prevent something like that from happening too.


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