my group

I think my group works very well together. We have very creative and fun ideas that we bring to the table to make to project more interesting and fun. Everyone is putting in work and doing their job. Also we get along great and haven’t had any problems with disagreements or fights. 


the article, Zombies: Why are they so popular, was written by The Associated Press. it does not have a specific author. The article talks all bout how and why zombie have become so popular in recent years. It talks about how in recent years movies and show like “the walking dead” and “Dawn of the Dead” along with video games and other media have help increase the popularity of zombies. The article also brings up the point that Sarah Lauro, a English teach at Clemson who has been studying the rise in popularity of Zombies, believes that zombies become popular in our country during times when we as a nation feel “disempowered”  such as the economy doing bad and wars. I agree with the fact that zombies have been getting very popular lately because of media. I think media plays a big role in what become popular and the fact that there have been a lot of video games and movies coming out about zombie them rise in popularity. I do not  Agree with Lauro on the fact that zombies become popular during hard times. I think that has nothing to do with it and media has had more of an impact. 

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Howard Schneider is a journalist for the Washington post.  He has been there for 20 years and has had many different reporting and editing jobs. In this article he ask the simple question of who will do better in the zombie apocalypse, fat people or skinny people. He claims that when it comes to the first 2 weeks of having limited food that bigger people will be better off because they have more fat and calories stored in them for energy. this sounds good in theory but it is not ho it will be. even though food will be limited and skinnier people don’t have as much energy stored in them there will still always be ways to get food like hunting. Also being in good shape is a very important part of the apocalypse because you will be getting chased and things a lot. if you are overweight and not in good shape then you probably wont do to hot in a zombie apocalypse. 

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Steve Kamb created a website called Nerd Fitness. he is also the author of the book 15 Mistakes Newbies Make When Trying to Get Healthy. in this article Kamb says that it is very important to stay in shape during a zombie apocalypse. He then give you some advice on how to stay in shape and other things. for example he gives you a work out of things body weight lifts you can do to stay in shape since getting to a gym might be a little hard with zombies running around everywhere. I agree with a lot of what he says. when you are trying to survive in a world of zombies it is every important to stay in shape. he says one thing you need to do is practice sprints not long distance I agree with this because you are not going to get in a long distance race with a zombie but if you are getting chased by a zombie you need to be very fast for a short amount of time so you can get away. he also says to learn parkour, I think this would also be very helpful in a zombie apocalypse.

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Matthias Hoene had German parents but was born in Singapore. he went to college and become a filmmaker.  his first short film won a film festival in Tokyo. This article starts out by the author telling you his passion for zombie movies and then ask the simple question what would you do in this situation? he then gives you a list of his top five thing you need to do in a zombie apocalypse. I agree with most of these. he says you need to stock up on weapons which I agree with. I think you need as many as possible. another thing I agree with is his means of shelter. he says every one will be running to the nearest stores but you need to be smarter and find a place that is strong and people wont think of. I agree with this because I believe you should stay away from high populated areas.


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John Hornor Jacobs lives in little rock, Arkansas and is the author of many books including Southern Gods, This Dark Earth, and The Twelve Fingered Boy. He won The Bram Stroker Award  for his book Southern Gods. This article is all about what you need to survive a zombie apocalypse. It give you a list of the top 10 things you need in a zombie apocalypse and why you need them. I agree with most of what he says but think that you could do with out some of his stuff and get more important stuff. for example he recommends that you use a bandanna and wet wipes. because of the germs. I think those are pretty useless because a zombie infects you by biting you and wet wipes and a bandanna are not going to prevent that. he also says he recommend you use a pistol I think just a pistol isn’t going to do it and you need a lot of fire power.

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