Ben Gaul is a blogger at liberty voice. he typically blogs about his opinions on many controversial topics such as gun control and global warming. In his post Gun Control for Dummies- and Democrats he states lots of interesting facts ands gives his opinions on why he thinks democrats are for gun control. one reason for he gives is just the fact that they are uneducated about guns. one interesting fact he had was that back in the “wild west” when every one had guns the gun violence per capita was actually much lower than it ever has been in America and has been much higher ever since gun control laws were enacted. I think this is a very interesting fact because this shows that gun control laws really do nothing to prevent gun violence. it also shows that if people are allowed to carry guns on them that doesn’t mean everyone is going to go around shooting each other.  

Gaul, Ben. “Gun Control for Dummies – and Democrats [Watch Video].” Guardian Liberty Voice. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2014.



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